DJ Equipment

Our DJ decks allow us to DJ from a laptop, CD, thumb drive or USB drive, or iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad). We replicate our playlist across several devices so that the music goes on no matter what.

Main Sound System

Our main system consists of two 15-inch speakers pole-mounted to two 18-inch subwoofers driven by a 2000W amplifier. We use a DBX Driverack PX to ensure the system sounds its best in whatever environment it’s placed. We provide dual wireless mics along with several wired dynamic microphones for announcements and vocals.

For bands we also have a 7-piece drum mic set, a high SPL small-diaphragm condenser for miking amps, and an NYC21 SansAmp DI for bass. All this we run through a 16 channel digital mixer with 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics on every channel.

Portable System

When lack of space or power are an issue, we use a small self-contained battery-operated 400W 10-inch portable sound system with wireless mic.


For indoor events, we offer a lighting system that includes a 10′ truss, 24-channel lighting board, 4 multicolor par38s, two scanners, and two special FX lights. All of our lights are intelligent and use LEDs for a low power draw and low heat output. On request, we use a machine that produces a light fog designed to hang in the air and reveal the beams of the lighting. Lighting can be controlled at the board, from the computer, or from an iPad or iPhone using our custom designed control software.

Outdoor Events

We use a 10’x10′ canopy for outdoor events, providing not only cover for our equipment, but an easily identified meeting place for large events.

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